Line Marking Australia Services - Water Blasting, Paint Remove

In line with the 'around the clock' nature of the Roadwork Industry, we staff a 30 strong workforce running day, night, weekend and country crews to suit our client's demands and offer them increased flexibility. All staff are managed in house, by a dedicated Operations Team that ensures service output meets and exceeds our client's expectations.


Products & Services


Longitudinal Waterborne paint All state saw a niche market to provide a custom built truck that was able to paint roads at 25 km per hour and include the carrying capacity of 1000lt of paint and 1 ton of beads, so we designed and built our own we now have two of these units that are painting many of our major roads in Queensland and N.S.W.

1/  Temporary Works

2/   Final Works

3/   Car parks

4/   Safety works

5/   Longitudinal Lines

6/   Construction Projects

7/   In-house Traffic Control


Thermoplastic audible tactile and line marking has proven to be the most durable, long lasting and is the safest  line marking available .We are proud to own two thermoplastic extruders that will travel anywhere in Australia to provide top quality  line marking  work.

 8/   Extrusion Thermoplastic

 9/   Preformed Thermoplastic

10/  Profile Thermoplastic (ATLM)

11/  Screed Thermoplastic






Safety line marking and carparks All state line marking have 4 trucks setup for warehouse safety lines and carparks, we provide prompt efficient service day or night for any project large or small.

12/  Bus Lanes

13/  Bicycle Lanes

14/  School Zones

15/  Turning Left Arrows

16/  Turning Right Arrows











For smaller rejuvenation & line marking projects,

All state Line marking has 3 profile grinders that can remove lines from asphalt and concrete.







For smaller rejuvenation & line marking projects,

 All state Line marking has 3 profile grinders that can remove lines from asphalt and concrete.

For large construction projects, we recently introduced a Ken worth Water Blaster into our fleet. This US designed and built machine can remove line marking from roads with minimal damage to the asphalt. It has proven to be the future of line removal and is environmentally friendly, it even removes its own waste.